Big Brother is watching.
Hackers are prowling.

It's time to fight back with stealth fashion.

'1984' Collection. Inspired by Orwell's fiction. Built for the post-Snowden reality | THE AFFAIR

Become Untrackable
And Unhackable.

UnPocket™ stealth fabric technology secures your phone, passport and bankcards
with police-grade high performance shielding to ~100 dB.

We could never go back to the pre-smart phone dark ages and we love not having to PIN at checkout anymore. But your phone is a walking telescreen beyond Orwell’s wildest dreams. And it’s trivial to wirelessly steal or ‘skim’ data from your contactless bank cards and ePassport.
Which is why you need UnPocket™ stealth fabric technology. Named in homage to Orwell it works much like Winston Smith in the bowels of Minitrue: drop your phone, passport and wallet / bank cards inside and instantly reclaim privacy and security. UnPocket™ stealth fabric technology makes you both untrackable and unhackable.

UnPocket™ blocks all RFID signals | THE AFFAIR

Blocks RFID

13.56 MHz

RFID powers your contactless bankcard (PayWave, Paypass etc) and ePassport. Handy at the checkout but trivial to remotely steal or ‘skim’ your data for identity theft.

UnPocket™ blocks all cell signals | THE AFFAIR

Blocks Cell

700 MHz – 2.4 GHz

Cell frequencies carry your voice, texts, emails and Facestagram updates which is cool. Not so cool is that cell towers can be used for geolocation.

UnPocket™ blocks all GPS signals | THE AFFAIR

Blocks GPS

1 – 2 GHz

GPS is accurate to within a few meters anywhere on the planet. Awesome when you’re lost in Marrakesh. Not so great when the government and Silicon Valley know where you are at all times.

UnPocket™ blocks all WiFi signals | THE AFFAIR

Blocks WiFi

2.4 GHz

WiFi is wonderful and we can’t live without a relentless stream of cat memes either. But it’s also the third best way to track location (after GPS and Cell).

'1984' Collection

Inspired by Orwell's fiction.
Built for the post-Snowden reality.


Party Chinos

Party Oxford Shirt

Outer Party Workers Jacket

Inner Party Casual Blazer

Goldstein’s Notebooks


  • It makes the person wearing it truly untrackable.

    - WIRED -
  • I’ve seen the clothing in person and it’s very beautiful stuff, with lots of nice small finish, and the waxed cotton cloth is smart and distinctive looking.

    - Boing Boing -
  • For me, it was incredibly convenient, but how well does it actually work? Perfectly.

    - The Mary Sue -
  • Snazzily low-key shirts, which are soft and durable, with a lot of great little details in the stitching. They are perfect for work or for going out to guzzle some Victory Gin with your comrades.

    - io9 -
  • This could be the future, folks…

    - Supercompressor -
  • There’s still an array of use cases for non-Snowden types, ranging from dodging your spouse for an evening to reasons of a more professional nature.

    - WIRED -

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  • Those who surrender freedom for security will not have,
    nor do they deserve, either one.

    - Benjamin Franklin -